“I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.”
John 14:18  

Need of a school bus for the Christian school of H2O

The children who attend our mission school come from slums which are scattered all around Um-phang. The distances between the children’s homes and the mission school are so great that it is impossible for the children to walk to school.

For one year we have employed a man to drive around and collect all 75 of these children and bring them to school, and then at the end of the school day return them to their homes.

school bus made from motorcycle and sidecar

Our homemade school bus.

The mission school does not own a school bus so an adapted motorcycle and sidecar has been built (see picture here above). It is our hope to buy a secondhand school bus or some other form of transport (ie. car/pick-up truck) which can be used for transporting these children to school. It is estimated that we would need 4000 EUR to buy this sort of vehicle.

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